Vivid Dreams

I love sleeping. It's a time where you can put all your worries away and just drift off into another dimension - a dream world. There are some dreams that you can create with your own imagination based on your own desires and wants, but there are other dreams which just happen.  Vivid dreams have a … Continue reading Vivid Dreams

Underneath the Surface

You can decorate a painting with glitter - doesn't make it good. You can cover up flaws in the foundation of a house with tape - doesn't make the house sturdy. Similarly, a person can charm you with their looks and shiny words, but the real personality is only revealed after you have let your … Continue reading Underneath the Surface


Are there some moments that you wish you could unsee? Some moments that you wish never occurred? Unfortunately that is not possible. But what is possible is to acknowledge our emotions at the time and figure out a plan to move on. It is not easy most of the time. But with the right support … Continue reading Unseen


What is the issue? The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was enacted by President Obama. Some of the benefits include: It has provided Americans with new benefits, rights and protections. It has helped over 32 million Americans afford healthcare. It ended discrimination based on pre-existing conditions. President-elect Trump and his party, the Republicans, want to repeal Obamacare, … Continue reading Healthcare


Why is the phrase "crossing the line" so common these days? I believe that due to the recent happenings that have occurred in the world, we may be becoming desensitized to all the violence and chaos.We may forget where morality tells us that what's happening is wrong and accept the hatred as a normal occurrence. … Continue reading Crossing


It is human nature to be tempted to succumb to what most would view as undesirable wants/needs. Most view greed as a bad human trait, but they will also admit that it is natural to want more. It's the action you commit that matters. In an argument you  may be tempted to say the most … Continue reading Tempted