Trump’s Dangerous War on the Media

Imagine working in a newsroom and a tweet notification pops up on your phone. The President of the United States has just called five media outlets "an enemy of the American people". Even given all of Trump's previous rhetoric, this is just plain disturbing given history. Dictators usually establish themselves by giving information through a … Continue reading Trump’s Dangerous War on the Media

Muslims in America (Brief)

In light of the recent executive order on a ban on people from predominantly Muslim countries, I am here to raise awareness on this issue. What is the issue? Muslims being discriminated against by the highest level of Office in the country. Hate crimes, racism and bigotry. Misinformation and brainwashing against Muslims. Why is the … Continue reading Muslims in America (Brief)


What is the issue? The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was enacted by President Obama. Some of the benefits include: It has provided Americans with new benefits, rights and protections. It has helped over 32 million Americans afford healthcare. It ended discrimination based on pre-existing conditions. President-elect Trump and his party, the Republicans, want to repeal Obamacare, … Continue reading Healthcare