Trump’s US Betrays Allies, Including Canada

Traditionally, Canadians and Americans have held a tight-knit relationship, no matter the party lines held by either the Canadian Prime Minister or the American President. That is another relationship being damaged by President Trump, along with the relationships with other key allies like Mexico and the European Union. His disdain and indifference to the importance … Continue reading Trump’s US Betrays Allies, Including Canada

The Epidemic of Mass Shootings in America

A Conversation about Guns Two Common Talking Points: Critics against gun control say “guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” My response: While it is true that people are ultimately responsible for the heinous acts of mass murder, it doesn’t mask the fact that the amount of damage done by a knife is not the … Continue reading The Epidemic of Mass Shootings in America

Why We Immigrate

People who hold anti-immigrant views lack a fundamental understanding of the reason why immigrants migrate to their country, whether it is the United States, the United Kingdom or any other country in the East or West. It is not to "steal your jobs". It is not to spread their beliefs or values, like many Muslims … Continue reading Why We Immigrate