Explaining the Cruel Child-Parent Separations in the US

"We are treating people less than human". - Presidential historian Jon Meacham on MSNBC's Morning Joe. That statement is not about North Korea. It is not about Russia, or the Phillipines, or Iran, or Syria, or other places that you might think of where the government is actively involved in human rights abuses. No, that statement … Continue reading Explaining the Cruel Child-Parent Separations in the US

Sexual Harassment and Assault

It's time for accountability. It's time for men to stop strutting around and abusing their power, ruining the careers of many women in order to stroke their ego. Since the first of October, new revelations about the prevalence of sexual assault and harassment has led to a new national and hopefully global conversation about women’s … Continue reading Sexual Harassment and Assault


Why is the phrase "crossing the line" so common these days? I believe that due to the recent happenings that have occurred in the world, we may be becoming desensitized to all the violence and chaos.We may forget where morality tells us that what's happening is wrong and accept the hatred as a normal occurrence. … Continue reading Crossing