Life in Colors

On my 18th birthday, I become wistful as I recall my purple room back in Dubai. So frilly and feminine, with a blanket that I can curl up in. It's a symbol of love and affection. My mom decorated it for me and it is perfect. I miss it and her. Go and add some … Continue reading Life in Colors

Words, without Action, are Meaningless

It is simple to promise something. "Easy to say, hard to do," is one of the core principles of life. Words are essentially meaningless, unless you have the determination, the intent and the resolve to abide by them. It's easy to promise yourself that you will work harder in your relationship. These words are essentially … Continue reading Words, without Action, are Meaningless

Feelings of Doubt

Everyone is plagued by feelings of doubt at one point or another. It's totally natural;  you are not alone. Doubt about the future, doubt about a relationship, doubt about you as a person - all are very common. But what can be done? Time will eventually erase the doubt you feel. If you're feeling doubt about … Continue reading Feelings of Doubt

Be Aware

Be aware of and make an organized schedule of upcoming deadlines. Be aware of what is happening in your country politically, socially and economically. Be aware of others' opinions; be respectful when having a conversation about a topic that may be controversial. These are only three things that I have listed, but it is important … Continue reading Be Aware