Daily Prompts

 December 2016:

28thPillage … of emotions & Ovation

30th: Resilient – USA

31st:  Hopeful

 January 2017: 

1st:  Concept of a Year

2nd: Interior vs Exterior

3rd: Dear Mom and Dad

4th: Crossing

5th: Tempted

6th: Float


8thInfinite Possibilities

9th: Shine

10th: Uneven

11th: Clinging

12th: Someday

13th: The Meaning of Capability

14th: Unseen

15th: Exquisite Possession

16th: Run the Marathon

17th: The Issue of Consent

18th: Aesthetic

19th: Overworked Procrastinator

20th: Women March Around the World

21st: The Importance of Privacy

22nd: What does “successful” mean?

23rd: Oversight

24th: Devastation

25th: Ten Things You Need to Know

26th: Simple

27th: The Dangers of No Filter

28th: Trump’s One Stroke of the Pen

29th: Feeling Yellow

30th: Replacing America

31st: Good Scent is Attractive

February 2017

1st: Resisting Peacefully

2nd:Clean Conscience

3rd: Feeling Overwhelmed

4th: Recognize your Importance

6th: Jackie

7th: Currently Trembling

8th: Make Others Feel Heard

9th: Criticize Effectively

10th: Lush Taste

11th: Be Aware

17th: Trump’s Dangerous War on the Media

20th: Underneath the Surface

March 2017

1st: Hesitation to Praise Trump’s Speech

2nd: Feelings of Doubt

5th: Vivid Dreams

9th: Nuance in Legislation

14th: Immerse Yourself in Politics and News

23rd: Differentiating between Symptoms and Causes

24th: The Power of Ordinary Citizens

25th: Words, without Action, are Meaningless

27th: Life in Colors

30th: The Meaning of Fortune

April 2017

7th: Trying to Change Mindsets

22nd: Living in Harmony

May 2017

9th: Why Thirteen Reasons Why is Important

11th: Pink Should Not Be Considered “Girly”

June 2017

11th: Trump Declaring Victory

July 2017

1st:  A Political Passenger

2nd: I Like to Scamper

4th: On this 4th of July

11th: Trump Admin’s Grit

August 2017:

11th: Putting Himself in Solitary Confinement

September 2017:

14th: On DACA: Not a Thorny Issue, Mr. President

26th: A Conversation on Race

October 2017: 

10th: Harvey Weinstein: Wrong Side of History

November 2017:

10th: Sexual Harassment and Assault

December 2017:

13th: Alabama Did the Right Thing

24th: Analyzing the Gun Debate