Living in Harmony

Note: After a long break (exams), I am back! I'm not saying that the world should be without conflict. Without disagreements and hardships, life would not be interesting or meaningful. The real problem with humanity is the continuously ongoing conflict between people of different characteristics - race, religion, nationality etc .... Conflict goes back to … Continue reading Living in Harmony

Trying to Change Mindsets

There's no point in being in denial - the world is not as good as it can be. Atrocities take place everyday, yet people focus only on the ones that may be the most heartbreaking. My own heart broke when I saw those horrendous images coming in from Syria, as it breaks everyday with the … Continue reading Trying to Change Mindsets

Nuance in Legislation

"Nobody knew healthcare could be so complicated," claimed the 45th President. He was rightfully mocked for it. Sean Spicer claimed that their healthcare plan being much smaller was a good thing. With many hospitals and the American Medical Association (AMA) coming out against the Republican plan, that's clearly not the case. Republicans had 6 years to come up with … Continue reading Nuance in Legislation


She was shaken to the core and remained silent in public, even as her husband's body was being put in a casket. The First Lady remained quiet as she was led to AirForce One, where she allowed herself to break down. Everything happened so fast and another man took her Jack's place as President. She … Continue reading Jackie


Are there some moments that you wish you could unsee? Some moments that you wish never occurred? Unfortunately that is not possible. But what is possible is to acknowledge our emotions at the time and figure out a plan to move on. It is not easy most of the time. But with the right support … Continue reading Unseen