On DACA: Not a Thorny Issue, Mr. President

Mr. President: Even when you pretend to show some care for the fates of approximately 800,000 Dreamers, your actions show otherwise. You keep sowing confusion about what will happen to them. This morning, before leaving for Florida, we thought you had reached a deal with Democratic leaders. You tweeted that there was no deal. You said before leaving WH that nothing would happen to them, because Minority Leaders (D) Pelosi and Schumer would do something.

Then in Florida, to pool reporters, you said that if we don’t get the wall, you’ll do nothing. This is because you saw the backlash you got from your own base, the type of people who wants DREAMers to be deported. They want young immigrants to be punished for the actions they had no control over; people who contribute to the economy, are educated and are part of American communities. Stop pushing your immoral wall & make a deal with Democrats.

Stop sowing this confusion and make up your mind. Democrats won’t agree to wall funding; they’ll agree to border security. This discussion would be better if you hadn’t ended President Obama’s DACA program. At least the DREAMers would have some sense of security. Please, Trump, stop playing with people’s lives. You’ll be able to pass a bill granting citizenship to DREAMers with all the Democrats. You’ll get the right number of Republicans to support it for sure. It’ll be a legislative win for you & you’ll get the ratings you love.



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