A Conversation on Race

This weekend, President Trump used his bully pulpit, the same pulpit that previous Presidents have used to bring the country together or to raise awareness about serious issues, to¬†once again¬†divide the country. Last month, in August, it was his response to Charlottesville, where a group of neo-Nazis & white supremacists marched violently, resulting in the … Continue reading A Conversation on Race

On DACA: Not a Thorny Issue, Mr. President

Mr. President: Even when you pretend to show some care for the fates of approximately 800,000 Dreamers, your actions show otherwise. You keep sowing confusion about what will happen to them. This morning, before leaving for Florida, we thought you had reached a deal with Democratic leaders. You tweeted that there was no deal. You … Continue reading On DACA: Not a Thorny Issue, Mr. President