Putting Himself in Solitary Confinement

Oh, Donald. You are truly not a politician.

A politician would understand that by alienating Steve Bannon (whom I loathe by the way) would hurt Trump’s base, especially if Bannon helps sell the view that Trump is surrounded by “globalists”. He can point to Jared & Ivanka, who have self-professed that they are a “moderating” force but have nothing to show for it, Gary Cohn, NEC chair with connections to Wall Street, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin (former Goldman Sachs) and top adviser Dina Powell.

Bannon is awful and had no place to be in the White House. In fact, it would have been better for Trump not to appoint him in the first place. Now, by dismissing him & Bannon going back to Breitbart, the alt-right news website, they can argue that Trump is betraying his base. And at this point in his presidency, with low-to-mid approval ratings, Trump basically only has the support of his core base. He cannot risk alienating them. otherwise he’ll be putting himself in solitary confinement. As much as Chief of Staff John Kelly may be a man of integrity, discipline and order, he cannot possibly understand the political consequences of this.

And while Bannon’s dismissal may bring some peace into the White House, let us not forget that the real problem in the Trump administration is Donald Trump himself. Bannon was not the one who refused to condemn the white supremacists in Charlottesville. Bannon was not the one who failed to bring the country in a time of crisis. This is Donald Trump’s failure, not Steve Bannon. And you can see it as Trump becomes increasingly isolated, as moderate Republicans criticize him for that shocking press conference last Tuesday, as conservative Republicans are outraged over Bannon’s dismissal, as business leaders abandon his side.


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