Trump Admin’s Grit

Grit is defined, when describing a person, as an individual’s “passion for long-term goal powered by a powerful motivation to achieve their end goals”.

If I said this administration doesn’t have grit, I’d be lying. The problem is, the people working in the federal government right now – at least the Trump appointees – all have passion for things that would cause Americans endless harm.

Let’s look at EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt. He has ties to the oil & gas industry, which means he has a prime motive to repeal regulations, 15 of which he has done. He has sued the EPA in the past, yet Donald Trump chose this man to enforce regulations that would keep Americans’ water, air and food clean. Their enthusiasm for repealing regulations will only harm the poorest Americans, or those living in states where pollution is high.

Department of Homeland Security is seeking to enact measures that would be considered as “bureaucratic” and “unnecessary”. Most recently, there was a report by the Washington Post that DHS was considering adding a rule that would require international students apply for permission to stay in the United States every year. Here’s why that’s bad: International students pay at least three times more than domestic students (I’m an international student myself), which means they help subsidize tuition for American citizens. If this new rule makes it uncertain for them to complete their studies in the US, why in the world will they go there? This will definitely increase tuition fees for domestic students. This will also add to “brain drain”, when some of the world’s brightest minds choose to not come to the US or move away from the US. This is another example in which the admin’s enthusiasm for something (immigration crackdown) will harm the US economy & American citizens.

De-regulation is not only happening at the EPA. It’s also happening at the Department of Education, as Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is trying to eliminate rules that help student loan borrowers seek loan forgiveness from schools that have defrauded them & that helped them get rights to sue their colleges, instead of settling disputes through arbitration.

So when Trump brags of deregulation helping American citizens, he’s wrong. Maybe not all rules enacted by previous admins are useful and may be burdensome, but this admin doesn’t seem to be deciding on a case-by-case basis. They just want to remove any regulation they can.

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