Trump Declaring Victory

The man leading the United States, the man who has damaged US standing in the world irreparably, is a smug, thin-skinned man who cannot stand when others issue critical remarks about him. Once they have gained his attention, they are then thrown to the wolves i.e. his twitter feed and his rapid supporters who see Trump as doing no wrong. The latest victim this week, besides Democrats as a whole (btw calling them obstructionists is a totally ironic) was ex-FBI Director James Comey.

Most senators, before asking questions, on both sides of the aisle took a few moments to praise the former FBI chief. He may have made some questionable decisions last year that influenced the election, but his testimony made it clear (by targeting both Trump (an R) and ex-AG Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton) that this is not a man who goes on partisan witch hunts. This is a man who deals in facts, and that is why I’m inclined to believe him over a man who literally lied his way into office of POTUS. He lied about the state of the economy and the unemployment rate, he lied about ‘draining the swamp’ & he lied about improving the lives of his supporters.

Trump can’t even tell the truth on basic facts, like the size of his inauguration crowd. Why should people believe him over a man who has earned the respect of most senators and congresspeople? A man who was uncomfortable enough in his interactions with Trump to document them in a methodical, detailed manner. Nothing about Trump suggests he is composed; he says whatever he can to deflect the heat of off himself. This is why Trump declaring triumph over Comey’s testimony and saying he feels vindicated is so funny. Because the investigation has just started, Mr. Trump. And there is one extra charge that can be added to that because you fired James Comey.

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