Living in Harmony

Note: After a long break (exams), I am back!

I’m not saying that the world should be without conflict. Without disagreements and hardships, life would not be interesting or meaningful. The real problem with humanity is the continuously ongoing conflict between people of different characteristics – race, religion, nationality etc …. Conflict goes back to the beginning of humanity. It’s important to note that today’s conflicts have originated from decades back in the past. They are complex issues that cannot be solved with the drop of a hat.

Any politician that says any different is lying or incompetent. Race and religious issues in America also bring the living in harmony issue upfront. I wonder why humans tend to generalize or associate certain common characteristics with an entire group of people i.e. Blacks, Muslims, Hispanics etc… Because at the end of the day, we are all made of the same cloth. And the worst part is, the whole thing is a cycle.

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