The Meaning of Fortune

Regardless of your religious beliefs, one has to admit that our lives are a mix of having good and bad fortune along with our own actions. Yet, I have seen some use someone’s circumstances and spin it as them having reached their position due to just luck. For example, calling a CEO lucky is wrong. Sure, they may have landed the job due to nepotism (though that would be really strange of a Fortune 500 company), but to maintain their job they actually have to keep performing.

Fortune plays a role. Two people, with the same amount of grades and extracurricular activities apply to a university. One may get accepted, the other rejected. Here you could say it was good/bad fortune. Although there may have been other issues – diversity factors, applying at different times etc…

What makes me angry is when I hear people, mostly Republicans, claim that poor people should work hard and just make themselves not poor. It doesn’t work that way. Everything in life requires money. If you start out without having any, it is really difficult to work yourself up the ladder while working for just the basic needs (food, shelter, clothing).

It’s also wrong to claim that only hard work can be the reason for the position one reaches. It can be a major reason, but not the only. Having the fortune of access to a good education, being able to afford going to a good university/college, and even just having your full physical and mental capabilities all depend on luck. Where you’re born, who you’re born with and how you are raised – these are factors out of our control.

I say that I am fortunate to be where I am, that it wasn’t all due to my own work, but I can also say that without my own efforts, I wouldn’t be here.

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