Words, without Action, are Meaningless

It is simple to promise something. “Easy to say, hard to do,” is one of the core principles of life. Words are essentially meaningless, unless you have the determination, the intent and the resolve to abide by them.

It’s easy to promise yourself that you will work harder in your relationship. These words are essentially meaningless unless you make some concrete efforts to make a difference. Even little things can go a long way. Texting in the middle of the day, coming home and making dinner, and just conveying your love and appreciation for your partner are little things that can make a difference and show that you are taking your words seriously.

With politicians, there are very few whose words you can trust. When you’re voting for a candidate, their speeches aren’t as important (to me at least) as is their accomplishments or their voting records. Do they put their money where their mouth is? If their core issue is education, what attempts have they made at reform? Politicians in this day and age have a huge barrier to overcome. In an era where distrust of the government is high, they have to go above and beyond to prove that they are being genuine and they will stand behind their promises.

That is the reason why people become so disillusioned with politicians. Most of them will eventually go back on their words. It’s hard to trust what they say has intent and what doesn’t.

Eventually, in any relationship, there will come a point where words won’t matter anymore. The track record of you keeping your word will become clear. Politicians will be voted out. (I hope!) Relationships will break up.

Actions are needed to put meaning behind your words. “I love you” is meaningless if you’re cheating behind your partner’s back. “Our customers are important to us” is meaningless if you are selling them defected products. Use actions to back up your words.


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