The Power of Ordinary Citizens

I have been thinking about all this political mess that is happening in the United States over the past few months. I believe that ordinary citizens grossly undervalue their importance and their strength. Remember, men and women work for you. They are constantly afraid that they will lose their seat because you have the power to vote them out. Yes, in the last election, not enough people stood up to the candidate that was the greater of the two evils, the candidate who had virtually no experience at all. We are seeing the consequences of that today, with POTUS being so incompetent (along with the rest of the GOP) that they can’t pass a bill even with a majority in both the House and Senate.

Mistakes have been made by the public, but you have the chance to correct them. Representative Nunes is trying to cover up for President Trump in his Russia investigation. It is up to you, his constituents, to call up his office, tell him you disapprove of his actions, and threaten him with taking away his vote if the truth is not revealed to American citizens. The same should be done with other GOP congressmen. Most Americans now want and independent, bipartisan committee investigating the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia. Put pressure on Congress so that it actually happens.

The people showed their strength with the Women’s March. It should have put Trump on notice. The people protested for multiple days for the travel ban. It has failed twice in the courts. The people have the strength to demand the truth. Congressmen cannot ignore the truth and the public pressure for long.

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