Differentiating between Symptoms and Causes

You know how a doctor takes all the symptoms together and then tells us what is the true cause? Because some symptoms can be so common and it is only by considering them together can we ascertain the true underlying factor. So vomiting can either mean pregnancy or a disease. Combine that with symptoms of light-headedness and missing a period, then you arrive that the patient is pregnant.

In the same way, Donald Trump is just a symptom of the polarization and the hate that is dividing the United States. He represents the fact that some people have felt so ignored, and when spurned on by fake news and propaganda about groups of people who are “different” to them in the sense of ethnicity and skin color, they elect Donald Trump. Trump represents the underlying racist tones that were not exactly hidden pre-2016 but were not as prevalent as they are now.

Unless there is some way we can bring people together, regardless of gender, religion and race, America is not going to heal itself. It can’t be done completely, of course, but there must be a starting point. And we need to begin with the most afflicted communities.



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