Immerse yourself in Politics and News

In this current political climate, it has become essential for everybody to be aware of what is currently going on. They need to (as impossible as it sounds) put their biases for Trump aside and look at the facts here. Because the healthcare bill Republicans have introduced will harm millions and millions of people. If you are not paying attention, you’ll not be aware of how this could affect you negatively and the people of your district may not bring it up to the congressman’s attention.

This bill is total crap. It provides less affordable access for higher premiums. Younger and healthier people will have no incentive to stay in the market, so sicker people will have to pay higher prices for their medical care and eventually we’ll be back to pre-ACA where thousands of people were declaring bankruptcy due to medical costs.

And it’s not just healthcare. Look at everything else Trump is doing. Cutting down the executive branch, the EPA is headed by an anti-environmentalist (how does that even make sense?!) and of course the biggest scandal of all: Trump-Russia and the president’s wiretapping claims against former President Obama. So keep up with the news – either on TV, internet or radio. Also, it’s best to not discuss politics on Facebook.

4 thoughts on “Immerse yourself in Politics and News

  1. Maggie C says:

    Personally, I like Conway’s microwave tapping notion. And how DT is apparently not to be taken literally whenever a tweet comes out that is totally indefensible. I dunno… is there a problem there?


    • dailythoughts says:

      The thing is that the microwave accusation is so absolutely ridiculous. First, why would a President bug a microwave? What information would a microwave reveal? Why not bug phones or laptops? Second, they have absolutely no evidence of this accusation.

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