Hesitation to Praise Trump’s Speech

Ever since Trump’s speech yesterday, I have been seeing a lot of praise for him, even from some liberals. CNN’s Van Jones believes he’s becoming more “presidential”. Being able to follow a written script is an incredibly low bar to judge a president by, granted that Trump’s other speeches were definitely worse than this. I am hesitant to praise his speech for the following reasons.

The delivery of a speech in a uncharacteristically calm way by Trump should not negate the substance (or lack thereof) of his speech. People expected that this address should have outlined at least some specifics about his upcoming policies. He only talked vaguely and broadly about topics such as healthcare and immigration, saying that he would cut down the costs and increase access. It seems like he’s making big promises that will be difficult to keep.

He again blamed Obama without mentioning his name, making him look like the country he inherited is in such bad shape when in 2008 it was definitely in worse shape. Not to mention the worst proposal he has come up with – VOICE (Victims of Immigration Crime Enforcement). Briefly, it is an agency designed that will focus on crimes committed by immigrants and will publish a list of these crimes. This is a horrid proposal that will only increase the racial divide and hate crimes committed against groups of Jews, Muslims, and undocumented immigrants.

In conclusion, just because he did not rant like before, does not suddenly make him more Presidential.


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