Nuance in Legislation

"Nobody knew healthcare could be so complicated," claimed the 45th President. He was rightfully mocked for it. Sean Spicer claimed that their healthcare plan being much smaller was a good thing. With many hospitals and the American Medical Association (AMA) coming out against the Republican plan, that's clearly not the case. Republicans had 6 years to come up with … Continue reading Nuance in Legislation

Feelings of Doubt

Everyone is plagued by feelings of doubt at one point or another. It's totally natural;  you are not alone. Doubt about the future, doubt about a relationship, doubt about you as a person - all are very common. But what can be done? Time will eventually erase the doubt you feel. If you're feeling doubt about … Continue reading Feelings of Doubt

Breaking down Obamacare

Before Obamacare: 48.6 million people were uninsured People with pre-existing conditions or in industries deemed "too risky" were denied coverage. Some features of Obamacare: Made it illegal to deny people coverage because of pre-existing conditions Allowed people to stay on parents' coverage until age 26 Made preventive screenings free for everyone Allowed 20 million Americans … Continue reading Breaking down Obamacare