Criticize Effectively

The key issue in relationships these days is broadly labeled as “communication issues”. And while that can be true, the term communication does not convey the true source of conflict. I believe that the inability to handle criticism from either or both parties along with the inability to criticize effectively is one of the biggest reasons for break-ups.

We can see this in all kinds of relationships, not just romantic ones. Parents will use wrong techniques that only worsen a child’s resentment without explaining what they did was wrong and reaching a polite agreement. They punish but they don’t reach the root of the problem. We can see this in the President himself, who reacts to criticism by tweeting (sometimes in capital letters) and criticizes using personal insults.

To develop a good relationship, there needs to be a deep understanding between the parties involved. And sometimes, there needs to be criticism so you can increase that understanding, especially in new relationships. Both young people and older generations need to learn how to accept polite criticism in an effective way that can make them a better person and help the relationship grow. A healthy relationship is one where both people grow due to their shared experiences.


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