She was shaken to the core and remained silent in public, even as her husband’s body was being put in a casket. The First Lady remained quiet as she was led to AirForce One, where she allowed herself to break down. Everything happened so fast and another man took her Jack’s place as President.

She removed those clothes caked in blood and bathed, but she could not remove the sight of her husband’s lifeless body lying in her lap out of her mind. She asked herself why the bullet hadn’t hit her? She questioned why should she keep on living?

Even as she lovingly placed her arms around her children, she couldn’t help but think that there was more she could have done to protect her children’s father. Even as the country looked for a way to grieve, they found courage and bravery in Jackie Kennedy, who stood as a symbol of strength.

This woman was shaped by tragedy. She didn’t crumble under the scrutiny of the public but instead put her efforts into securing her husband’s legacy. And this weekend, her story was told brilliantly by Natalie Portman, who performed flawlessly.

Jackie lives on.


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