Currently Trembling

18 days.

It has been only 18 days since President Trump was inaugurated. And every day, there is some scandal or the other that distracts us from the scandal that happened the previous day. It seems like this administration’s goal is to exhaust us by coming up with more ludicrous headlines on a daily basis. And sometimes it feels like it’s working because all  I want to do is shut my computers and social media down, but I can’t because it is impossible to not use them for a day. I think this is how many regular Americans must be feeling.

You’ll ask: but you live in Canada and you’re not American, so why do you care?

  • I care because America’s actions affect the whole world. Their economy affects the world economy.
  • I care because people I love are living there, under new conditions of unprecedented racism and hatred.
  • I care, because we are all human and we should all be concerned by what is happening in the USA, just like I care about what is happening in Syria.

It is shocking to see a country that the world used to look up for guidance has become a mockery for the entire world. What has the USA become that words like “fake news” and actions like questioning the authority of a judge are being considered normal for a President? Not to mention the blatant disregard for the safety of our environment and the education of future generations.


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