Resisting Peacefully

It’s so definitely important what is being done. I’d like to thank the ACLU; they are trying to save people from deportation and from losing the life that they have built in America. What I am so blessed to see is that all forms of resisting against President Trump have been peaceful. This is good in more ways than one. We are telling the government that we don’t have to resort to violence and the government does not have a legitimate reason to shut down these protests.

Besides these marches (which need to continue in order for people) there are ways for you to protest against this immoral order. Discussions with friends who are unsure of why this is a bad thing and donations to organizations who are supporting the people who are unlawfully being blocked from entry into the United States are just two things you can do.

These are rough times, but the American people have shown that they will not take this lying down. They will stand up for their fellow human beings and they will resist, because turning back refugees and legal immigrants and tourists just because of their religion is not what America stands up for.


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