Feeling Yellow

The color of yellow is thought of invoking happiness or calmness. However, there is another meaning or interpretation taken of the color. It also means a person that is always on neutral grounds – a diplomatic person in other terms. This person does not want to cause any disruptions.

So this post is dedicated to those people. One of the biggest reasons for President Trump is voter complacency. We didn’t call out racist or bigoted views enough, so now we have a person who has insulted women, Mexicans, Muslims and immigrants as President of the United States. The media (like CNN) gave free coverage to Donald Trump which spread his message. Well, now it’s time for us to spread ours.

It’s time to speak up whether through blogging or through protests or through face-to-face meaningful conversation. The American people need to realize the mistake they have made and own up to it, fight against the man who is currently enacting horrible laws and executive orders. And I am amazed to see the response the immigration ban gathered. Spontaneous protests outside many large airports showed the true views of Americans. I’m glad they’re speaking up.

Spread the word that President Trump is wrong. This is our moment to help millions of people stuck abroad due to this new executive order. And the buck doesn’t stop here. We cannot let our foot off the pedal. We need to make Trump realize that he is constantly being watched by the People.



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