Underneath the Surface

You can decorate a painting with glitter - doesn't make it good. You can cover up flaws in the foundation of a house with tape - doesn't make the house sturdy. Similarly, a person can charm you with their looks and shiny words, but the real personality is only revealed after you have let your … Continue reading Underneath the Surface

Trump’s Dangerous War on the Media

Imagine working in a newsroom and a tweet notification pops up on your phone. The President of the United States has just called five media outlets "an enemy of the American people". Even given all of Trump's previous rhetoric, this is just plain disturbing given history. Dictators usually establish themselves by giving information through a … Continue reading Trump’s Dangerous War on the Media

Be Aware

Be aware of and make an organized schedule of upcoming deadlines. Be aware of what is happening in your country politically, socially and economically. Be aware of others' opinions; be respectful when having a conversation about a topic that may be controversial. These are only three things that I have listed, but it is important … Continue reading Be Aware


She was shaken to the core and remained silent in public, even as her husband's body was being put in a casket. The First Lady remained quiet as she was led to AirForce One, where she allowed herself to break down. Everything happened so fast and another man took her Jack's place as President. She … Continue reading Jackie