Who will replace America as leader?

We all know that America for the past couple of decades has been a superpower in the ways it affects the rest of the world. Now, with the Trump administration, people fear that their influence may wane. America’s reputation of a hospitable nation is already starting to do down the drain with the recent immigrant/Muslim ban imposed by Trump. Trump has already antagonized a couple of nations, most notably Mexico, one of its largest trading partners, and China, who may already be preparing for war.

So the question is: who will be America’s replacement? There are some options people are floating around, with China and Germany as the top choices.

Canada also stands against what the US is currently doing, donating money to organizations that advise on medical treatments that include abortion and wanting to accept more refugees, in direct contrast to the U.S. With Trump in, there is no more reliance on the U.S to be as dependable as before. The other countries will have to pick up the slack. And most world leaders do know this.



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