Trump’s One Stroke of the Pen

Imagine you leave for a holiday to visit your family. Imagine you board the plane to go back to the U.S, the place you call “home”, the place where your life is. Imagine getting the shock of your life when you are detained from entering your home country, because of one executive order that automatically decided that Muslims are terrorists. Imagine not having the right to see a lawyer, the basic rights granted to every U.S citizen, the basic rights that should be granted to every human being.

I am shaking as I type this. I am an immigrant in Canada, so I can understand what they are going through. We all can because that is what empathy means. I am filled with this burning anger inside of me that people of a religion are judged based on the actions of not even 0.001% of the population.

It was very easy for Trump to sign that executive order, because his life remains the same. It is very easy for Republicans to remain quiet because they know the people who elected Donald Trump may not care. But what about those people who are now basically homeless? Who are separated from their families?

I may not live in America, but half of my father’s family live there. I’m understandably scared for them. I am terrified that this EO may encourage more racism, hatred and bigotry. I am scared that people actually think this is right, that people of Muslim religion are terrorists.

World leaders, like Canada’s Justin Trudeau, Germany’s Angela Merkel and many more have already said (in a roundabout way) that their countries will still welcome refugees. Does Trump even understand what he’s doing? He’s basically ruining what America stands for.

I try to find hope wherever I can. Seeing hundreds of people outside JFK, demanding for people to be released, gives me back a little of hope. That there are millions of good people still out there. I have faith that Americans will fight back against Donald Trump and his army of Republicans (who by the way spoke out against this idea in the past and are now strangely silent). Looking at you, Paul Ryan.

If you’re in USA and someone’s relative/husband/family member is going through this situation, please comfort them. They need your support throughout this awful situation. People who are standing up to Trump, who are helping those in need – those are the people that make America great and who embody American values.

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