Muslims in America (Brief)

In light of the recent executive order on a ban on people from predominantly Muslim countries, I am here to raise awareness on this issue.

What is the issue?

  • Muslims being discriminated against by the highest level of Office in the country.
  • Hate crimes, racism and bigotry.
  • Misinformation and brainwashing against Muslims.

Why is the issue important?

  • Because America stands for freedom, honor and justice for all. What is going on is not justice.
  • There should be a freedom of religious beliefs. It’s in the Constitutional. Trump found a loophole by banning people from pre-dominantly Muslim countries and inserting a clause that said religious minorities (i.e. non-Muslims) can be granted refugee status. So it is a Muslim ban.
  • It is promoting hatred and bigotry. It’s trying to turn the American people against each other.
  • Refugees need safe haven. They need countries like the USA where they can start a new life. Even American residents are prevented from entry into the United States.

What is currently happening politically and socially?

What progress has been made from the past?

It seems like we’re going backwards, with Trump’s order mimicking the time USA turned away Jewish refugees.


  • People are aware of the situation which is great.
  • Muslims are being banned for no good reason.
  • People need to denounce Trump’s actions.


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