Ten Things You Need to Know

Ten Things You Should Remember:

#1. Your voice and your opinions matter. 

Get your voice out there in any way possible. Who knows how you may change someone’s opinions for the better, especially in this political climate?

#2. People need your help. 

Minorities all over the world (especially refugees) are facing persecution. They need your support to fight this persecution against people who may be holding a wrong bias.

#3. We have to believe that the future is bright. 

No matter how hopeless the current situation may be, whatever the circumstances, it has to be hope and optimism that keeps us going. We need to have that belief that someday it will get better if we just keep on trying. The key word is trying. We must go on with our efforts.

#4. It’s okay to not be exactly where you think you should be.

Young adults put so much pressure on themselves, pressure that can be demoralizing. They think that they need to have this much salary at this age and a family by this age. It’s okay if it takes some time to reach your optimal stage. If we’re spending 12 years just in school (not including higher education), how can we expect that we will be at our most coveted job so quickly?

#5. Toxic relationships are not worth it. 

These don’t necessarily have to be the ones where there is physical or emotional abuse. These can just be the ones where one only feels stress from being with the other partner. In these kinds of relationships, it’s better for both people to be apart from each other, at least for a little while.

#6. It is important to gather information from many sources. 

Where the words “fake news” and “alternative facts” are being spilled from the U.S administration, it is important for the general public to be as informed as possible. They need to have all the facts to be able to call out the government (which is meant to serve the people).

#7. You are not alone. 

Whatever you are currently feeling – anger, hopeful, pessimistic, ignored – there are a whole bunch of people who are standing with you. You saw it with the Women’s March and you’ll see it throughout the years to come.

#8. Keep people who actually care about you close.

They will be the ones who stick by you no matter what.

#9.  Learn to recognize the small signs of manipulation.

Don’t let anybody control you or manipulate you into doing what they want. Don’t let a parent guilt-trip you into studying what they want. And I know it is easy to say, but in a relationship recognizing the small red flags can prevent an abusive relationship.

#10. Cherish and enjoy what you have.

Cherish the friendships, cherish the opportunities you’ve been given and cherish everybody who adds value to your life.



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