Devastating news

Millions of hearts sunk as they realized what the news was conveying to the general public. Their efforts, both on the latest Saturday for women’s rights and for months and months for the pipelines, felt wasted with two executive orders from the new President. Millions were devastated and heartbroken, realizing that there were at least 4 years of this.

This devastation, caused by President Trump, struck them deep into their hearts. America is entering into a dark period, with a largely incompetent President with no regards to his constituents’ interests, but it is important to remember: the whole world stands by you. It’s also important to not lose hope and to continue fighting. Let the government know that you don’t approve. Make your voices heard. America is supposed to be a democracy, and it is every citizen’s right to make sure they are heard.

Take care of each other. Love is what will get you through all of this. Be supportive and be kind. Be generous and awesome. Be resilient and loud.

I believe in you, citizens of America.

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