People Pointing Out Your Oversights

You shouldn’t be angry or annoyed when people point out your oversight. In fact, take it as a learning opportunity and be grateful that they care about you enough to tell you what you’re doing wrong. However, it all depends on the manner and the intention behind their words.

Are they telling you gently or are they just being “brutally honest”? Are they explaining what you did wrong or are they just saying “you’re wrong”? Are they willing to help you learn from your mistakes?

Because if their intentions are just to put you down or tell you “you’re a terrible person,” they have no right to do that. People who truly care about you will never do that. They will be kind and tell you in detail what your mistake was and they will explain what you should have done instead. And when they do that in such a way, you should not get defensive and instead be grateful for their advice.

After all, no one is perfect. And life is one whole learning experience so that we make smarter choices and decisions. We’re truly lucky if we have someone by our side to point out our errors.

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