The Importance of Privacy

In this day and age, privacy has decreased to an extent that it is almost nonexistent. Not only is there a mass surveillance system where the government can monitor every phone call, text message and email, because of social media there is almost no private life left.

Celebrities have no privacy either; they get their photos taken at every juncture including airports and hotels. World leaders, including the one just inaugurated yesterday, have to be used to their every word being scrutinized and getting used to being bashed in the media.

What we don’t realize is how vulnerable this leaves us. How many stories have you read where a stalker/ex-partner can find a person through their social media? Celebrities are vulnerable to being assaulted verbally for having a personal life.

We need to take our privacy back. We need to be careful of what we post on social media. We need to be careful of what we divulge to people – tell sensitive information only to people who can be trusted. The age of technology leaves us open to harm, and it is our responsibility to protect us from these new insecurities.



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