Dear America

Donald Trump has become the 45th president of the United States and as much as we may hate that fact, there is nothing we can do about it. It’s now up to the Congress and the Senate to make sure the President works for the People of the United States, which is a scary thought given what we have heard about Russian hacking, Trump’s conflicts of interest and Cabinet picks such as Betsy DeVos.

But this isn’t a post detailing why Trump is not a fit president. There are many articles written by people more knowledgeable than I. This is a post I have written to people in America who are currently scared at the thought of living through a Donald Trump presidency.

As shown by the Women’s March on Washington, there are still a lot of people (rich and middle-class, men and women, white, brown and black) with love in their hearts. If the People unite together, they have more power than the President, whose job is to serve them. It is important to let Trump know that you are not okay with him harassing minorities and degrading women, that you are not okay with him taking away your healthcare, that you do not approve of the Cabinet that he has picked, and you do not approve his stance on climate change.

This is not the time to be dispirited. This is the time to FIGHT BACK. Fight back for the people you love.

  • Your mothers, your sisters, your wives, your daughters, who are afraid of being objectified by people.
  • Your friends and co-workers who are Mexicans and African-American, afraid of being stereotyped and of racist attacks.
  • Your friends and co-workers who are immigrants and Muslims, who are afraid of being attacked for being different and being called degrading words.

Fight back for your children and grandchildren to grow up in a better world, where no one is judged based on superficial characteristics. Fight back for you and your values, which tell you that Trump’s beliefs are wrong.

So my fellow humans, do not lose hope. The entire world stands with you and for you. Don’t forget America, your greatness lies in your diversity.


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