Run the Marathon

Life is like a marathon, only we don’t know when the finish line will come.

To complete a marathon, you have to pace yourself. You cannot rush through life because you will burn out completely before reaching the end. In the same line of thought, one shouldn’t overburden themselves with too many stresses or procrastinate until all dates/deadlines are overlapping each other.

It takes courage and stamina to run a marathon. It takes willpower and a strong desire to experience life as the gift that we have been given to continue, every step of the way.

Marathons are not a competition. They are a test of endurance. Life is not a competition either. Your motive is not to outwit your siblings or beat a colleague for a promotion. In fact, you may enjoy a marathon more when running with someone else. Just like we cannot enjoy life alone. We need family, friends and work to keep us emotionally satisfied.

Run the marathon. You won’t regret it.

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