The Meaning of Capability

Remember when you were young and there was that one kid who got the highest marks and was praised for being very smart? I was that kid. I have always wondered whether the capability and the skills that we have (whether social, academic etc…) are inherent or they’re learned. If it’s the latter, that would mean no one is smart from the day that they are born; they work hard to acquire the knowledge and the skills required to be successful in the field they choose.

Of course that does not mean that genetics don’t play a role at all. There can be some people who have a photographic memory from birth. But my true belief is that intelligence is nothing without hard work. In fact, working hard to gain knowledge can make you intelligent. It is hard work that propelled the world’s leading innovators to the top. In that sense, I believe every one of us, with access to the right facilities and education, is capable of achieving high success. The sad part is that there are many people around the world who will jump at the chance to have access to the facilities we do and who would achieve God knows what.

Education initiatives are necessary and important for many reasons, and we need to support and promote this cause.


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