Someday … how many people use this term? “Someday, I’ll be happy.” “Someday, I’ll be successful.” And while it is definitely important to have a positive view of the future, we should ask ourselves what actions can we take in the present to make this someday happen?

It is not only important to dream; it is necessary to take actions to achieve that dream. Nothing will happen unless you are proactive. So dream large. Be sure that your future is positive. But make a difference in your own life. Ensure that you will be happy, successful, and achieve whatever your goals are by being active.

Daily Prompt: Someday


2 thoughts on “Someday

  1. grace says:

    I have actually used that word a lot! Someday I will go back to school, someday I will…until 5 years literally passed and finally I went to school. I think that word should be banned


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