Take the leap

Life is bumpy, rough and uneven.

Humans are flawed, tough to handle and complicated.

Our Earth is heating up and full of cracks.

The point of living is to take on challenges head-first. Many people have said it before me and many will say it after me. It’s not the challenge that shapes you; it is how you respond to it that makes you who you are. It’s all about whether you’re willing to take that jump.

Just like a skydiver before he makes the leap, you have the adrenaline coursing through your blood with a hint of fear. Yet he does it anyway because of the satisfaction and the feeling of achievement he/she receives. In the same way, taking the leap will lead you forward in your journey of finding yourself, especially if you’re young. And taking the leap can be anything that is outside your comfort zone. If you’re afraid of talking in public, take the leap and give a speech in public.

Good Luck!

We believe in you.

Daily Prompt: Uneven


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