Resilient – USA

As a non-American, this election season has been a nightmare and I cannot imagine the pain Americans have endured seeing a man like Donald Trump – words are not enough to describe how vile and unqualified he truly is – elected to the highest honor there is. The world may view the country as divided and conflicted, and maybe it truly is but America has always been defined by resilience, along with freedom, honor and justice. I believe that even though media only focuses on the negative, that after this initial phase Americans are going to rally together. They’re going to fight against Trump and they have too.

The American people have survived an bitter election so much different from others, and while the result may have been the opposite of what they had hoped it’s time to rally together and show the world what America is truly made up.

Show the Mexicans that they are true American citizens.

Show the Muslims that they are welcome here.

Show women that they are not meant to be a man’s property.

Show children that bullying is taking the low road, even if you “win” in the end.

Show military personnel that what they are and have been fighting for is worth it. That America is a great land.

America does not need to be made “great” again. It’s already great; it just has to show its true values, which may have become distorted by certain people, to the world.

via Photo Challenge: Resilient

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