Donald Trump and LGBTQs

Trump supporters argue that Donald Trump is pro-LGBTQs and will advocate for their rights based on past statements. However, his cabinet picks including the VP-elect Mike Pence show the exact opposite.

Sen.Cruz pushing for bill to allow refusal of service to LGBTQs

  • First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) will protect people/businesses who refuse services to LGBTQ individuals.
  • The bill’s text says the refusal of service can be based on two beliefs: that marriage “is or should be recognized as the union of one man and one woman” or “sexual relations are properly reserved to such a marriage.
    • Could mean that unmarried couples could be refused a hotel room or even LGBTQ married couples could be refused the same.
  • Already has the support of President-elect Trump.

Donald Trump’s war on LGBTQ people has already begun

  • Ken Blackwell – head of Transition team. Has compared LGBTQ people to animals.
  • Mike Pence – Indiana governor known for plans to defund AIDS research and supports conversion therapy.
  • Trump’s list of possible Supreme Court nominees include those who donot support same sex marriage.



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