Dear Seniors 2017

Currently, most of you are applying or have applied to university/college. Some of you may even have received acceptances. Not many of you will have decided where you are going for sure. Senior Year is hectic; there is no question about that. However, you only have a couple months of high school left and it is important to enjoy them.

1) Make memories with friends

Likelihood is that come September, most of you will part different ways. And no one knows when you’ll meet next. Take advantage of the time you have left. Take pictures, make videos, make silly jokes. Enjoy to the maximum!

2) Take care of your grades

Even if you’re entering your last semester of high school in January, some universities give conditional acceptance. If your grades fall, they may rescind their offer of acceptance. Don’t go to either extreme of worrying about each and every exam or not studying at all.

3) Prepare for independence

  1. Learn to cook, especially if you’re an international student and/or you’re living in a dorm.
  2. Be responsible with money. Learn how much you’ll have per month and have a slight idea of how much will be spent on food, phone plan, transportation etc…
  3. Be mentally ready for new experiences and a different lifestyle.

4) Don’t be afraid or sad

Even though a memorable experience might be coming to an end, another amazing chapter of life, filled with amazing opportunities, is opening. Embrace this new chapter open-heartedly!

As a first-year university student myself, I have gone through this transition. Not only from high school to university but from Dubai to Toronto, into a totally different world. It’s not as tough as it sounds and once you pass through that initial difficult phase, you’ll start to enjoy it.

Best of luck!



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